Distribute power safely, conveniently and efficiently.

Through bus duct or busway – a modern power distribution solutions applied in a wide range of industries like power plants, Oil & Gas, data centers, renewable energy, marine, airports, hospitals, office buildings, and so on.

Our power distribution solutions are reliable as they come from the house of Eta-com , SchneiderLegrand  and L&T leading global players in electrical and power solutions.

Solutions We Offer

IEC Certified LV/MV Switchboards

Sandwich Bus Ducts

Cast Resin Bus Ducts

Switchgear Solutions

Automation Solutions

Final Distribution Devices (Switches/DBs etc.)

Our Solution Partners

More than just a solution provider!

Whether you’re a contractor, a facility owner or leasor, an interior designer or a real estate developer we offer solutions that help you secure, manage, automate, and optimize your project.